Friday, 19 April 2019

RDA Showjumping Regional Qualifier 2019

Yesterday we made the trip to Penniwells RDA in Elstree for an inter-regional showjumping competition which also acted as our regional qualifier for the Nationals in July. I was riding in the Level 4 class on Boysie and, to continue with the theme of the last year, I had some misgivings!

The aforementioned misgivings...
The main problem was that I hadn't actually jumped a course of fences since last year at Hartpury. Then, I was on Danny, and I didn't really jump the course so much as cling on and survive it by the skin of my teeth. Before that, I jumped Rolo for the level 4 qualifying round and my coach's training as a level 4 coach, the latter of which included a fairly impressive cartwheeling fall which tore the meniscus in my knee and which, because poor Rolo inadvertently kicked me, made all of my right lower leg a really gross colour for months (oh, and I got an ice burn on it which was foolish, but it was nonetheless intriguing to see a huge chunk of flesh turn into a solid, frozen block - not for the squeamish!).
My little legs waving in the air...poor Rolo!