Saturday, 9 February 2019

After the op

After getting warmed up in Recovery I was taken back to the ward and tried to get a bit of food and drink down. I only really fancied toast but my mouth was so dry and my throat was sore so it took me aaaaaaages to eat it! The physio came round and ran through some exercises. Because of the nerve block, I wasn't able to do much, but the effort of standing up and then accidentally letting my arm swing around made me go very green... I laid down again and by the time they could see my blood pressure I was feeling a lot better, but it was still rather low - it reminded me of having the tilt table test done!
POTS man courtesy of

The only other thing of note that happened was that, as I leant forwards for some reason, I started choking. It felt as if there was a big lump of phlegm caught at the back of my mouth (I know, lovely!) but I couldn't cough it up. I mentioned this to one of the nurses but given that throat problems are very common after being intubated for surgery it wasn't a major concern for her or me. I mostly felt bad for having made such a revolting noise on the ward!

My shoulder op

On Tuesday I had surgery on my left shoulder to repair some of the damage done by an injury two and a half years ago (click here and scroll down to under the photo of me stretching in straddle). 
Two and a half years ago - English Champs 2016
This injury occurred when I did a (deliberate!) forward roll off the horse, but got my left hand stuck in the handle. The horse was big so my arm was up at its farthest reach, so as he moved and I didn’t there was a ‘pop’ and my acromioclavicular joint (shoulder blade/collar bone) pulled apart. It’s no coincidence that the left arm is the one that has everything happen to it - this particular injury was caused by the fact that I can’t control my left hand properly so couldn’t let go of the handle properly. Anyway, you live and learn, and now I just try not to hold on with that hand!