Monday, 31 December 2018

Number 3 of 'Five Things I'm Proud of in 2018' (Gymnastics)

Gymnastics this year has been immense! As a reminder, I started going to a disability gymnastics class at the beginning of 2017, and I loved it from the beginning. I now go to three sessions a week and sometimes an evening one if I can make it too. I hoped that going to gymnastics would help with my vaulting and with general everyday physical function. It's definitely done both! Here's how I felt about it back in January 2017...
In the first session, I had a bit of time walking with my crutch on the sprung floor, which felt heavenly on my joints... On the trampoline I also practise walking without a crutch... Yesterday, in my second session, I also tried the beam for the first time - but a very low down version, only about one inch off the ground! Walking along it with my crutch was OK but without my crutch I really struggled and kept falling off, so that's something to practise. I had thought it would be quite easy so it was a bit of a wake-up call to realise I couldn't do it.
I referred to this as 'my new playground' - and it still is! Except the pit foam has changed colour ;)
I also put this down:
Now, obviously, I'm not going to be doing the same stuff as I did when I was little.
Well, that was right. I'm doing SO MUCH more than I did when I was little! The year has been very busy and I've worked on loads of skills, so here is just a quick taster, month by month, of 2018...



In January I spent A LOT of time doing this. I'd had a nasty fall doing it in December and got whiplash, so I needed to practise it lots in January to 'get back on the horse'. I still hate bars.

Saturday, 29 December 2018

Number 2 of 'Five Things I'm Proud of in 2018' (Courage)

I have sung throughout my life. When I was two, my oldest brother became a chorister and was closely followed by my other brother, so I spent most of my early childhood at the cathedral for their services. At that time, girl choristers in cathedrals were exceptionally rare, and there was no opportunity for female choristers where my brothers sang.
I spent many, many hours gazing at the ceiling and finding the deliberate mistake!
I was always insanely jealous of every aspect of what they did (although, truth be told, I wouldn't have been too happy about giving up my Sunday mornings at the stables). Fortunately, my school was a choir school and we all sang daily. In Years 5 and 6 we could audition for the 'Senior Choir', which sang at concerts but also at occasional evensongs at the cathedral. I loved it!

Number 1 of 'Five Things I'm Proud of in 2018' (British Vaulting Championships)

I've stolen the idea of writing about the things I'm proud of in 2018 from the wonderful Ruth Chappell at Dressage Anywhere. I was planning to write about all five things in one post but since I hadn't written about the British Champs yet this is just one long thing and the rest will come later!

British Equestrian Vaulting Championships 2018

Defending the title this year was HARD. It felt as if the fates were conspiring against me and I just had the feeling that I was drowning in everything. I was struggling so much with health and injuries and it was so hard to train. I wasn't getting any horse time because the way the vaulting club organised booking sessions trained so, because I wasn't sure if I could commit to a whole block of sessions (I was waiting for my shoulder op - and still am!), I could only book occasional sessions. I was still training really hard at home on my barrel and doing lots of conditioning. Basically, I was as fit and ready as I could be without actually practising on the horse.

Illness and injury