Sunday, 4 November 2018

Showjumping - Hartpury 2018

This post is about my showjumping class at the RDA National Championships 2018. I was going to group all the classes together but showjumping was such a trial that it merited its own post! Read on to find out how I got on...

Regional Qualifier
If the dressage was on a bit of a wing and a prayer, the jumping class was plain ridiculous. I was entered into Level 4 Showjumping - 70cm course with 9 jumps altogether (two doubles, so 7 fences but 9 jumping efforts). My experience at this level consisted of one session with my coach and the regional showjumping coach, which had been partly to sign off my coach as capable of coaching this standard (which of course she was, no problem) and partly for me to have a go at it and then film me doing the whole course, which would count as my regional qualifying round.
From the training session - I have no idea why I had the giggles but you can tell from my fashionable attire that it was hot, hot, hot!
Previously I had completed longer courses at a lower height (65cm - and those 5cm make all the difference) but this course did feel rather big. It was a burningly hot day too and both Rolo and I were struggling a bit in the heat. The crowning moment came when I did a spectacular cartwheel dismount over the fourth fence, which resulted in some impressive bruising and a torn meniscus (fortunately not felt until a few days later!), and also in me learning a very valuable lesson about the importance of not taking off for a jump until your horse does.