Sunday, 28 October 2018

Catching up! Hartpury 2018 (Musical Ride and Dressage)

OK, so there are lots of excuses I could make for why it's taken me three months to write about July, but they're all poor and uninteresting so let's just crack on, shall we?!
I appeared on the front cover of the Rule Book three times in 2018 - see if you can spot me!
Regular readers or other RDA riders will know that Hartpury is the climax of the RDA. Hartpury College is a top-notch equine college in the countryside near Gloucester, in the west of England. It's also a major venue for international competition - particularly dressage, but it also hosts international showjumping and eventing - and a wonderful venue for the annual RDA National Championships.

This year I had entered a few different classes - this post is about the Musical Ride and dressage...