Sunday, 22 April 2018

Wings for Life World Run

A couple of months ago my friend Claire and I had a hilarious morning when we met Colin Jackson, and were interviewed as part of the publicity process for the Wings for Life World Run.

The video is a little misleading as it cuts out the discussion that my disability is not a spinal cord injury. It's a bit irritating that they have just gone with 'wheelchair user, must be able to speak on behalf of people with SCI', but if it gets people interested in the event then never mind. You can find the video here.

Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Called to the bars

I've been working hard at gymnastics on some bars skills. Some people are natural bar workers; others aren't - and I'm definitely in the latter camp! I find everything on bars really difficult, which obviously means I just have to work harder. When I get it wrong (which is most of the time) it's infuriating and it often hurts. Here you can see the pain! Click here to watch the video on YouTube (for better quality).