Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Motivation madness

I recently stole an idea from a friend which answered a problem that I often have to address. It wasn't anything to do with health, or exercise, or energy, or anything really. Nope, it was, 'What do I do with this notebook that I've just bought that I couldn't resist because it was so lovely even though I really, totally don't need another notebook?' This is a problem which keeps me up at night. 😉
Who could resist?!
The solution? Make a little motivational notebook.

Thursday, 15 June 2017

Gymnastics training

In January I started going to disability gymnastics sessions, then in April I started attending a second class each week for women of all ages, where I'm the only one with a disability. It's brilliant to get the extra practice and I've definitely seen a marked improvement through learning new skills and the progressions towards them. Both the disability and women's only groups are full of lovely people so it's a really fun environment to train in. It's physically demanding but very enjoyable at the same time!
At first I was using the sessions mostly as physio and to complement my vaulting training, but now that I'm learning more and growing more confident I'm also enjoying it just for the fun of it and I like learning skills that wouldn't really be very practical on a horse. I might even be competing by the end of the year!

Saturday, 3 June 2017

A bit on the side

Back in March, I had my first try at riding side saddle and I absolutely loved it! I was expecting to feel really precarious, but actually it was surprisingly comfortable. I rode Rolo, and for the first time I felt that I was actually in pretty good control of when and where we stopped.
My first time!
Having watched the person before me doing some trotting and cantering, I thought these both looked horrificbut Rolo's trot was much smaller than normal (just as well, because you sit to it without rising) and although the canter felt peculiar it didn't feel horrid!

Thursday, 1 June 2017

RDA Regionals 2017

This year's regional show has now been and gone and it was a fantastic day. The sun shone brightly all day, everyone rode amazingly and it was a lovely friendly atmosphere. Plus, I got some good results!
The shield, blue qualifier rosette and one of the red rosettes are all for showjumping.
I'm writing a report on the whole event which will be available on the RDA East website as soon as possible (as soon as I'm sent all the results...) and I've already written about it on my more 'professional' website so this version will be a bit briefer because there's only so much time I can spend writing about one event!