Tuesday, 31 March 2015

One of the effects of chronic illness

Previous post (wheeling news) was written a while ago and all I did to post it tonight was bung on a paragraph at the end. I'm working on something else which relates more to how I actually feel at the moment.

This post is really for those people who now read this and are expecting me to be in contact, for whatever reason.
Firstly, I just can't. Sorry. I can't do emails or texts or phonecalls to individual people. This is because it costs me SO much to type, or to hold my phone. I can't talk on the phone because my voice has gone. I can't really type because my left hand barely works and I have tendonitis in the right one.
This, except the left hand should be flopping around and the pain should go up my thumb and into my hand and up my arm...
Secondly, I just have nothing to say individually. I don't know what to tell you - whether to say everything is fine or everything isn't. So I just don't tell you anything.

Thirdly, it takes a huge amount of mental/emotional energy, which at the moment just spills me over into seizures and burnout. I can't keep doing that.

Fourthly, please don't contact me about this. I'm OK. The more people contact me, the harder it gets. Trust me to cope and to be in touch when I can. I'm not lonely. I'm only just coping with the social contact I do have. Yes, for a healthy person, that would induce loneliness, but for me it's what I can deal with.
So...those of you looking at this, this is the best I can do to stay in touch for the moment. Sorry. This is what chronic illness looks like.

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