Sunday, 30 September 2018

Haters gonna hate and similar sentiments

Most of the time, I try to see the positive in situations and people. There are some good reasons for this - one is that you don't know what's going on in other people's lives when they're mean to you. Another is more selfish - why feel bad if you don't have to?!

It's hard to accept and even harder to enact, but you have the power to decide how you feel. Whatever someone else does to you, you shouldn't let them have that power over you. Recognise that they do NOT have control over your feelings. Rather, YOU do, and as such it is your responsibility to rise above how others would make you feel and take control of your own mind.

It's not easy, especially when you feel that your indignation, fury, frustration and grief are justified. The thing is that, although they may be justified, they're not helpful. They don't make you feel any better long-term. Sure, in the short run, it helps to let it all out, but ultimately you need to get over it.

To help you in that little transition period - the period which comes between, "SO ANGRY!", and, "I still think it's unfair, but I'm not prepared to sacrifice my own happiness for it" - here are some little quotations I've found on the good ol' internet. They cover something of a spectrum - enjoy.

Monday, 9 July 2018

3030 Challenge

Throughout June I took part in the 3030 Challenge, run by Active Essex. The idea was simple: for each of the 30 days in June, you had to be active for 30 minutes (or more!). I made a series of videos to document my efforts each day. Click here to see the full playlist on YouTube!

As I went through the month, I competed at the English Vaulting Championships and my first ever gymnastics competition. I did quite a bit of stretching, throwing myself around and coaching. There are quite a lot of horses featured over the 30 days. Happy watching!

Sunday, 22 April 2018

Wings for Life World Run

A couple of months ago my friend Claire and I had a hilarious morning when we met Colin Jackson, and were interviewed as part of the publicity process for the Wings for Life World Run.

The video is a little misleading as it cuts out the discussion that my disability is not a spinal cord injury. It's a bit irritating that they have just gone with 'wheelchair user, must be able to speak on behalf of people with SCI', but if it gets people interested in the event then never mind. You can find the video here.

Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Called to the bars

I've been working hard at gymnastics on some bars skills. Some people are natural bar workers; others aren't - and I'm definitely in the latter camp! I find everything on bars really difficult, which obviously means I just have to work harder. When I get it wrong (which is most of the time) it's infuriating and it often hurts. Here you can see the pain! Click here to watch the video on YouTube (for better quality).

Thursday, 29 March 2018

My fab friend Eleanor!

I'm so very proud of my lovely friend, Eleanor, who has been selected to ride on the East Region team at the Para Home International dressage competition next month. Eleanor rides at my RDA Group and doesn't have the luxury of access to her own horse, so this is an especially impressive achievement. She's incredibly determined and focussed and I'm so excited for her! Read more here.

Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Seven years

An awful lot can happen in seven years. All of World War 2 fitted into seven years. My entire time at primary school fitted into just under seven years, as did my entire time at high school. It takes less than seven years from birth for most children to learn to read, to learn some times tables, to learn to do a cartwheel, or to learn to play a musical instrument.
Someone else figured this out. I haven't checked if it's right or not. I don't massively care.
Seven years ago (and one day, because I wasn't well yesterday) my dad died, and it just feels bizarre that it's been that long. Each time I think about it, I feel that I know it has happened but I haven't yet responded emotionally to that. I'm not in a hurry to do so - I'm quite happy being emotionally functional! - but it does seem so weird that so much can happen and can change in someone else's life, as well as in my own, but this one thing still hasn't changed. 
 It still feels as bizarre now as it did seven years ago.